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2020 Success Stories

Michigan Works! West Central helps thousands of clients per year! From job seekers to employers, we are here to help meet your needs!

This page is dedicated to showcasing the many success stories we saw during 2020. To read about all of our workforce champions and for a complete listing of all of our success stories, click here

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January -- Going PRO Talent Fund -- SyncWave in Scottville (Mason County)

January -- WIOA Adult -- North (Newaygo County)

January -- Dislocated Worker -- Michael (Mason County)

January -- Wagner-Peyser -- Joseph (Mecosta County)

February -- WIOA Out-of-School Youth -- Jarrett (Lake County)

April -- Schmock's Landscaping of Ludington (Mason County)

May -- WIOA Adult -- Joseph (Mecosta County)

June -- Seven Slot Grille in Reed City (Osceola County)

July -- WIOA Out-of-School Youth -- Jacob (Lake County)

August -- Summer Young Professionals Program -- Arrionna & Sage (Oceola County)

August -- Dislocated Worker -- Chad (Lake County)

August -- Dislocated Worker -- Michael (Lake County)

August -- Summer Young Professionals Program -- Cheyenne (Mecosta County)

September -- Summer Young Professionals Program -- Sean (Lake County)

October -- PATH -- Crystal (Mason County)

October -- Dislocated Worker -- Earl (Mecosta County)

October -- Dislocated Worker -- Roxana (Newaygo County)

November -- WIOA Adult - Monica (Newaygo County)

November -- WIOA Out-f-School Youth -- Tiana (Lake County)

November -- WIOA Wagner-Peyser -- Terri (Osceola County)

December -- Summer Young Professionals Program -- Hannah (Mecosta County)

December -- Dislocated Worker -- Michael (Lake County)

December -- PATH -- Paul (Newaygo County)

December -- PATH -- Amanda (Mecosta County)

December -- Work Experience -- Jade (Mecosta County)

December -- Wagner-Peyser -- Omar ( Mason County)

December -- WIOA Adult -- Shanee (Osceola County)