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First Round of Marshall Plan for Talent Grants Announced

LANSING, Mich. – Leaders from the state’s Talent and Economic Development Department and Department of Education have announced the first round of Marshall Plan for Talent Innovation Grant awardees. 

The awarded consortia represent a diverse group of businesses, K-12 districts, postsecondary education institutions and other entities, including 64 school districts – small and large – 90 businesses, 33 postsecondary institutions, 16 industry associations, 10 Michigan Works! agencies and 47 non-profit and other organizations. The funding benefits more than 150,000 students and their communities statewide.

Consortia shaped their applications around five key and high-demand, high-wage sectors: healthcare, information technology/computer science, manufacturing, Professional Trades and other business trades. For a complete list of award winners click here.   

Of the $15 million in awards, $2.35 million will go to purchasing nearly 100 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment students can use to learn, with hands-on experience. Another $4.78 million will go toward hiring career navigators who will help students explore career options and pathways in Michigan while providing needed support to school counselors who are overwhelmed – each serving on average 729 students yearly. And $256,625 will go toward evolving some districts to a district-wide competency-based education model, while $7.56 million will help develop world-class curricula for each consortium. 

Leaders added they are eager to get round two kicked off in January and encouraged those who weren’t awarded today to revise their applications for consideration in the next round.

The next round in the process starts Wednesday, January 16th. Michigan’s Departments of Education and Talent and Economic Development will hold a webinar to address questions and help consortia prepare for a successful second round on January 11th. 

For more information go to or you may also contact your local Michigan Works! organization.