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GED and High School Completion Assistance

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 8.5 million people over the age of 25 have a GED, which proves that this path may not be as uncommon as you might think. So, what do employers think of job candidates whose resumes include a GED rather than a traditional high school diploma? The most important difference is between having a formal education, whether it's high school diploma or GED , and not having one at all. Attaining a high school-level education improves your chances of getting hired, and increases your earning potential. 

Sometimes finishing high school is difficult. For those who have trouble with traditional schooling, are facing trouble in high school or have already dropped out, we can help. We have adult education partners located in most of our service centers, that can work with you one-on-one, to help you prepare for and obtain your GED, or high school completion. Hours vary by location and most services are free. 

"We recognize the courage it takes for you to come back to school. We salute you for this! We now encourage you to make a personal commitment to see it through. At times you will find the going tough, but the end result is well worth it."
                                                            -Tracy Sanchez, Adult Program Coordinator, Fremont Adult Education