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Michigan Innovation to Fight COVID-19

As the world faces an unprecedented public health crisis, Michigan is coming together to beat the odds as its businesses and workers unleash the state’s Arsenal of Innovation to combat the spread of COVID-19.

With health systems around the world facing a shortage of desperately needed personal protection equipment for workers on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19, businesses of all sizes are rethinking their products and retooling their shops to provide critical support to ongoing response efforts.

Companies that just a few months ago were making tents, engines and hydraulic filter cartridges have pivoted to drive-through tents for COVID-19 screening, respirators and surgical masks.

“Michigan’s Arsenal of Innovation is helping drive the fight against COVID-19, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is proud to play a role in providing immediate capital and support to small businesses that are stepping up to retool and aid in recovery efforts during this time of need,” MEDC CEO Mark A. Burton said.

In Traverse City, for example, TentCraft, Inc. had never manufactured products for the healthcare or medical industry. But after receiving a Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) COVID-19 Emergency Access and Retooling Grant, the company was able to pivot toward these new products, helping to keep their workers on the job while producing PPE products needed by frontline healthcare workers.

In all corners of the state and across all industries, Michiganders are joining together to find innovative ways to use every resource available to support the health and safety of our state’s health care workers and their families during this unprecedented public health crisis. Because in Michigan, we know what it means to come together in the face of adversity; we know that we all must do our part, and we do whatever it takes to save lives and support our communities.

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