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Area Employers

Acme Marine Group (Reed City)
Advanced Fibermolding (Leroy)
ANR Pipeline/TransCanada (Reed City )
Babb Ford Sales Inc. (Reed City)
Cargill (Hersey)
Chemical Bank (Evart/Marion/Reed City)
Chippewa Plastics (Evart)
City of Evart (Evart)
City of Reed City (Reed City)
Crossroads Mobile Maintenance (Reed City)
Dollar General (Reed City/Evart/LeRoy)
Eagle Village (Hersey)
Enertech (Hersey)
Evart Public Schools (Evart)
Family Dollar (Evart/Reed City )
Family Farm and Home (Reed City, MI)
Foster's Supermarket (Evart)
General Mills/Yoplait (Reed City)
H & R Screw (Reed City)
Huntington Bank (Evart, Marion, Reed City)
Kraftube, Inc. (Reed City)
Lake Osceola State Bank (Reed City/Tustin)
Leroy Tool & Die (Leroy)
Logic Plus (Reed City)
Marion Public Schools (Marion)
Mecosta Osceola ISD (Reed City/Big Rapids)
METS (Reed City, MI)
Michigan Works! West Central (Reed City)
Morgan Composting (Sears)
Muskegon River Youth Home (Evart)
Nartron Corp. (Reed City)
Northern Precision Products (Leroy)
Osceola County (Reed City)
Pine River Area Schools (Leroy)
Pioneer Broach (Leroy)
Pizza Hut (Reed City)
Pollington Machine (Marion)
Reed City Area Public Schools (Reed City)
Reed City Group (Reed City)
Rite Aid (Reed City)
Rose Lake Youth Camp (Leroy)
Spring Hill Camps (Evart)
Tubelite (Reed City)
Utility Supply and Construction Co. (Reed City)
Ventra, Evart LLC (Evart)
Vitro (Evart)
White Pine Outdoor Boilers (Marion)
Workbox Staffing (Reed City/Baldwin)