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U.S. Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeships

Michigan’s labor exchange system is continually challenged to find talent with new and emerging skill sets.  As more employers across a wide spectrum of industries and in multiple regions throughout the state, become familiar with the apprenticeship training model, its direct value and available incentives, there is a growing demand in Michigan for new registered U.S. Department of Labor apprentices. 

There is a need for adults who can move quickly into journeyman status, with or without experiential and academic qualifications, as well as for a pipeline of youth to fill future jobs that will become vacant due to a retiring workforce, or new jobs that emerge through ever advancing technology.  Those opportunities exist, not only in the traditional skilled trades, but also in energy, health care, information technology and advanced manufacturing. 

Apprenticeships can be found in all industries, from traditional sectors like Construction and Manufacturing to emerging sectors like Energy and Health Care.

Here is a list of all available occupations in a Registered Apprenticeship. If you are a job seeker wanting more information about apprenticeships get more information at If you are an employer contact Business Services Director Merri Bennett at