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GED/High School Completion Assistance

Need to get your GED/

High School Completion?

We have the one-on-one resources you

need to succeed!

Call 231-796-0049 Today!

•Here at Michigan Works! West Central we are dedicated to

helping you take that next step.

•We offer FREE one-on-one training to help you pass the GED

test or complete high school credits.

•Our adult education program partners are designed to help folks

at any skill level.

Find a location near you and get started today!


Lake County & Mason County

Visit Mason-Lake Adult Education or call our service centers:

-Baldwin (231) 745-2703 

-Ludington (231) 843-2563 

Mecosta County, Newaygo County, Osceola County 

Visit Fremont Adult Education or call our service centers:

-Big Rapids (231) 796-0049 

-Fremont (231) 924-3230 

-Reed City (231) 832-3131

Oceana County

Visit White Lake Area Community Education or call our service center:

-Shelby (231) 259-2000 


More than 8.5 million people over the age of 25 have a GED,

which proves that this path may not be

as uncommon as you think.